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Duty Free Market Access: Egypt is one of a few countries which can promise duty free access to the US, the worlds largest consumer market, for all products manufactured in its Qualifying Industrial Zones (QIZ) provided that they comply with the rules of origin requirements as specified in the Protocol. The tariff exemption applies to all products, regardless of the industry or whether they are produced by the public or private sector, and irrespective of the size and volume of the enterprise.
Egypt also provides competitive duty free access to several other substantial markets such as the European Union (EU), other Arab Countries, the Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) countries, and Turkey. As a result, companies operating have competitive access to virtually all major commercial markets.

Simple and Flexible Requirements: As per the rules of origin, manufacturers must ensure that 35% of the product's value be manufactured in an Egyptian QIZ, of which a minimum of 10.5% must be Israeli inputs.
The Protocol provides flexibility by monitoring the commitment of manufacturers to the agreed upon ratio of their manufactured products on a quarterly basis, not on a single shipment basis, hence giving them a wider time frame.

No Export Quotas: : Exports are neither limited by minimum/maximum quotas on quantities, nor by seasonal requirements.

Open-ended Validity of the Protocol: : The Protocol is not time-limited, nor does it have a pre-set end date..

Geography:Egypt is ideally located to be both a center for industry as well as commerce. Situated at the heart of global trade routes, Egypt provides easy access to Europe and Africa, and shorter transit times to the U.S. than the East Asian region.

Competitive Factor Costs: Operating in Egypt affords investors/manufacturers economical input costs relative to other countries with similar market access. Utility costs in Egypt are far lower than other countries in the region, as well East Asian economies, and are expected to remain stable on the long term since they are indigenous to Egypt and not vulnerable to fluctuating exchange rates. Although these costs may rise over time, the increase is anticipated to be very marginal relative to other countries with similar economic status to that of Egypt.

Labor Force: Egypt offers investors a large and competitively cost-effective labor force.

Some examples of US tariffs exemptions on Egyptian exports from QIZ

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