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20 March 2017

In order to enhance communication between QIZ Unit and Qualified Company, kindly fill in updating form here, if there are any changes in company data.


March 2017: The QIZ Unit started in February a new program to visit industrial sites and cities. The purpose of the program is to have public awareness in the business Community about the export opportunities through the QIZ program. To many, the QIZ represents only a program for ready garments and textile while the truth is itís a program for all products except the agricultural products.
A meeting between the head of the QIZ and the board of the Tenth of Ramadan investors association was held on February 28th . It was decided that a meeting with representatives of companies of the city is to follow on March 28th.
This week a meeting will take place with the members of the Executive Office of Investors Associations and the Head of QIZ Unit.

March 2017: A Decree was issued by the Minister of Trade and Industry Eng. Tarek Kabil appointing a new head of Qualified Industrial Zones Unit (QIZ).
The new head of QIZ, and Chairman of the Egyptian side of the Egyptian Israeli joint committee is Dr. Ashraf El Rabiey. He is a former head of the Egyptian foreign Commercial Service (ECS) and former first Undersecretary of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (2005-2007).
Dr. El Rabiey worked as a Minister Plenipotentiary in a number of assignments including Washington, New York and Tokyo. He is also a former Chairman of The International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) based in Washington DC. He was a guest speaker in many forums, international organizations and universities in The US and Egypt.


23-6-2008: Technical team is formed to facilitate the compliance of QIZ exporters with the United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) documentation requirements.

          The team will conduct visits to QIZ exporters similar to the USCBP TPVT (Textile Production and Verification Team) visits: to increase the awareness of QIZ companies about the requirements.

          Increasing the capabilities of QIZ exporters: to efficiently respond to the requirements of the USCBP.


05-6-2008 QIZ Joint committee met and approved an additional 5 companies for QIZ Treatment to reach a total of 717 qualified companies.


19-5-2008 Total QIZ companies reach 712 companies; after the QIZ Joint committee approved an additional 7 companies


24-2-2008 QIZ Israeli components required is reduced from 11.7% to 10.5%; to be applicable as of the beginning of 1St quarter of 2008.


21-2-2008 Total QIZ companies reach 705 companies; after the QIZ Joint Committee approved an additional 9 companies.


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