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Companies wishing to benefit through the QIZ agreement need to follow the procedures below:

Qualification criteria:
Companies need to fulfil the following criteria in order to benefit from the protocol:

Location of the beneficiary factories
Within the seven industrial zones that have been identified mentioned hereunder:
- Greater Cairo: South of Giza, Shobra El-Khema, Nasr City, Tenth of Ramadan City and Fifteenth    of May City.
- Al Amria (Bourg Al Arab), Alexandria.
- Port Said

To be among the qualified factories, you should submit the registration form, along with relevant documents to certify the activity and the location.

After completion of the above mentioned, all applications will be presented to the joint committee for approval, after which a certificate (valid for a period of one year) will be delivered to the beneficiary company granting eligibility for duty free treatment in the US market

The QIZ Joint Committee shall provide (on quarterly basis) the U.S. Customs Authority and the Egyptian Customs Authority with a list of Companies entitled to duty free treatment for the next quarter only according to the above mentioned.

Conditions for renewal:
The company shall provide its Authorities evidence of full compliance with all the requirements of the QIZ Protocol for the previous quarter, no later than 15 days from the end of each quarter. This evidence shall include the following:
a. Name of company, address, tel./fax numbers, e-mail addresses, contact person,
b. Type of products exported,
c. Type of input purchased, documented by copies of invoices from Egyptian/Israeli suppliers and      list of Egyptian/Israeli suppliers in the last quarter, including contact persons.
d. Total export of the company to the United States under the QIZ duty free treatment for the      previous quarter, supported by relevant documents.

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