♦  To register your company under the QIZ Protocol, please read and follow the following procedures carefully: 


1- Check that the company lies in one of the Qualified Industrial Zones

2- Fill in the Registration Form* and send to us by email <

     * All information in the form is required in English and Arabic.
       Please ensure that the name of the company and its address are written correctly
       as per the official documents

3- Send a stamped and signed (from the company Chairman) Request on the company letterhead to join QIZ. "Request Template"

4- Send scanned high resolution PDF copies of supporting documents. 

    The required documents are:

  • Industrial Registry or a Statement from the General Authority for Investment & Free Zones (GAFI)
  • Commercial Registry
  • Tax ID

5- You will receive a Confirmation e-mail that required documents are complete.

     Only in this case: you are welcomed to visit QIZ Unit premises and you will be 
requested to bring the following: 

     Stamped Registration Form
+ Valid documents + Originals for reviewing 

+ Stamped & Signed Letter to join QIZ


QIZ Unit Premises: 
Ministry of Trade and Industry: 2 Latin America Street, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt


♦   If all required documents for registration are complete, your application will be reviewed for approval and you will be notified to receive your company's QIZ certificate. 

♦   When the certificate is issued: You will receive an e-mail to visit our premises and receive QIZ certificate. The registered company must bring an Authorization from the company to receive the QIZ certificate, including the name of the Authorized Person and his ID number (signed and stamped).


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